My Ski Holiday in Val D’Isere – Ski Resort Information

Last season I spent a week skiing in Val d’Isere on a chalet holiday with Powder White. It Included 8 friends, staying in a chalet in the La Laisinant area of Val d’Isere. We had a fantastic time. We arrived on the first evening at 8 o’clock. Val d’Isere was covered in snow! Our chalet host showed us in from the cold and lead us to our home for the week. Inside was a roaring fire and a lovely meal prepared for us and an open bottle of wine! A perfect start to the week! We then got up early and made our way to first lifts! The chalet we were staying at was adjacent from the La Laisinant chair lift and so was ideal in terms of getting to and from the slopes in the morning and in the evening.

We managed to find our ski legs after the first few runs and we were making our way towards Tignes before you knew it. The Epace Killy pass in Val d’Isere allows you to ski all the way from Val d’Isere to Tignes Les Brevieres. This is a huge ski area, one of which you cannot get board of in just one week.

After a hard day on the slopes we return, fatigued to the chalet where a freshly baked cake was waiting for us. That along with a nice vin chaud helped to rejuvenate the tired limbs before the next days adventure.

The next day we were given a lesson by an instructor from New Generation, a team of UK based ski instructors who guided us down some treacherous off piste. He gave us hints and tips for mogul skiing, off piste and even some park tricks. This was well worth it. Particularly as he took us via the Fole Douche, a lively Apres ski bar in Val d’Isere.

The following night was the chalet hosts day off which meant we all went out for a lovely meal to sample some of the superb gastronomic delights that Val d’Isere has to offer. We were not disappointed as we tucked into a well deserved Fondu!

The time we had in Val d’Isere was flawless. The chalet was superb, food excellent, skiing world class and we even came back with a sun tan! All in all and lovely holiday which will be fondly remembered!

Isola 2000 – The New Ski Resort For the Family

The location is accessible and the whole family can drive from Nice to reach Isola 2000 in less than two hours. Upon arrival a family will find that there are more than enough facilities for skiing, snowboarding, ice go-karting, snowmobiling, and other winter activities.

The new ski resort of Isola 2000 is relaxing because of two major reasons, the natural setting and the après ski. The serene mood of the Mercantour National Park permeates around the whole resort while the nearby small town of Isola provides a picturesque background. The family can spend countless hours tracing the footpaths of the park. Then, about 10,5 miles from the new ski resort, the family can take a short trip to visit a genuine French mountain village.

The après ski in the new ski resort of Isola 2000 is not at a fevered pitch at night. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxing. The nightlife, which is buoyed up by several bars, cruises at a low key. This does not mean that skiers stay cuddled underneath the bedcovers at night. In fact, the two most popular bars, the Le Cow Club and the Le Petit Chamois, can be quite crowded during the peak season. For those who wanted more excitement but are staying in this new ski resort, there are cars for hire that can be used to reach the busy towns of Monte Carlo and Riviera.

During the day, the new ski resort of Isola 2000 is fun and exciting because of the skiing terrain. There are 43 individual pistes in which the majority of it caters to intermediate skiers. There are several black runs for expert skiers. These skiers will enjoy skiing above and below the tree line. And there are ski runs for beginners and for parents who are teaching their children to ski. Of course, when the parents prefer to have their children instructed by professionals, there are available skiing schools. The new ski resort also provides day care services to help the parents.

All levels of skiers will be pleased to know that snow in the new ski resort of Isola 2000 is more than adequate. The area is benefitted by its elevation and its proximity to the sea. This proximity is the reason why the region is referred to as the Alpes Maritimes. The spectacular view of the Maritime Alps invites all visitors to take a break from their skiing adventures. Viewing the horizons is best done while eating in any of the excellent restaurants, such as the Le Rendez-vous, the La Raclette, the Le Crocodile, and the La Marmotte.

Aside from daytime skiing, the new ski resort of Isola also offers the opportunity for night skiing. There are also moonlight snowshoe walks. However, the new ski resort of Isola 2000 is open only from December until April. It is indeed a relatively new ski resort and not yet commercialized enough to accommodate summer holidays. The time that visitors can spend skiing in this region is limited only during the winter months.

Vail Ski Resort – Unique in So Many Ways

There's so much to say about what is special about a Vail ski resort. They take care of so many things for you, making it easy to relax and just enjoy your holiday. The staff in Vail try to do everything in their power to make sure you have a wonderful time – from the lift operators to retail staff to the bell staff in the hotels and waiters in the many top class restaurants. They use the strap-line "like nowhere on earth" and this service, as well as the many amazing dining, shopping & lodging options, really makes sure Vail lives up to its reputation.

Vail has a plethora of high quality accommodation in its 2 main villages – Vail Village and Lionshead Village, plus of course Golden Peak and the outer areas of Vail. Luxury hotel residences like The Arrabelle Hotel for example provides impeccable service and all the top-notch amenities you could wish for such as roof top pool and I-pads connecting you to the concierge and room service. Of course it's ski in, ski out too, giving you the ultimate in convenience getting to and from the slopes, plus the ski valet will help you with your boots if you need it!

Options for food lovers in Vail are immense! The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is perfect for families with a sweet tooth for toffee apples or truffle treats or try the decadent $ 18 hot chocolate in the Sebastian Hotel complete with gold dust.

Fine dining restaurants abound in Vail – sample the delights of the famous longstanding Sweet Basil or La Tour in Vail Village, just make sure you make a reservation. Innovative bars such as Frost mean guests can party in an exciting atmosphere with premium drinks served all round.

Vail also offers indulgence in the most unlikely places – Bol in Vail Village is a bowling alley doubling as a smart restaurant. Bowlers can consume delicious wines, bubbly & platters on hors d'oeuvres, whilst showing off their skills at knocking down those pins.

It's super easy to get around in Vail, again showing how committed they are to making everyone's visit enjoyable and easy. The buses run from village to village every few minutes, are free and punctual. Even wandering around the town you'll be helped out when it's chilly, with open fires and heaters dispersed throughout the pedestrian areas, plus gorgeous sculptures to peruse. There's even a fountain with fire dancing in it, quite a sight to be seen on a beautiful chilly winter evening.

If you'd like to spend some time shopping there are all sorts of boutique, high-end establishments in Vail. From Gorsuch to jewelers to crystal & fossil shops to cowboy boots, you can find it all in Vail, plus of course there are art galleries galore. So you can squeeze in as much as you'd like to do (and have energy for!) Or of course relax and do not much at all, whatever your heart desires.

Now we haven't even begun to talk about the mountain! Suffice to say a Vail ski resort is famous throughout the world for a reason – it's the largest ski resort in Colorado USA and really has skiing for everyone. The front side offers beginner, through intermediate to advanced runs with groomers, glades, steeps & chutes to choose from. The back bowls though in Vail are truly legendary. Most of the bowls are left natural and there's nothing else like them, particularly on a powder day. Miles & miles of terrain stretching as far as the eye can see, waiting for you to explore.

The beauty, the vastness, the luxury nature of it all is something to behold. Find your spirit "only in Vail".