Packing for a Skiing Trip

Contrary to popular belief, it is currently ski season in a lot resorts. People assume that ski season is before Christmas because that is usually when it snows where they are. But, countries that have ski resorts, will tell you that ski season can sometimes run into April.

If you have booked a ski holiday and you have never been skiing before, it can be hard to know what to pack. You probably won’t know what clothing that you need to buy and you won’t know whether to pack for winter or summer because the slopes can be hot. This is not because of their weather; it is more because skiing is exercise.

So, if you are wondering what you should pack and what you need for the trip, you should read ahead for some tips.

1. Skiing equipment – Some people will think that they have to go out and buy all the skiing equipment. If they do this then they will be risking wasting their money. What if they spend a lot of money on the equipment and then they don’t like skiing? Even if they resell the equipment, they will lose money on them. Therefore, it is important to know that all good ski resorts will allow you to hire the equipment. They cost of hiring can be included in the price of the trip, or you can pay a rental fee when you arrive.

2. Clothing – It is mentioned above that you will get hot when you are skiing, but that does not mean that you should pack for the summer. You should definitely pack for the winter because it will be snowing and it will be cold. When you stop skiing, for a break, or for lunch, you will get cold very quickly. Therefore, you should consider packing thermal clothing as well. A good thermal suit that runners wear in the cold weather, might be better for you because this type of suit turns your sweat into another layer. This reduces that drastic changes in temperature and reduces the chance that you might get ill. You need to be conscious of your health, even though you will be having a lot of fun.

3. Ski specific clothing – You will need to buy some clothing that is specific to skiing. For example, you will need a thicker coat and you will need some salopettes. You can’t just go skiing in your regular winter coat and some jeans. You need clothing that is thick and waterproof. They have to protect you from injury and from the elements. If you wear jeans, when you fall over, and you will over a lot, they will get wet and heavy. It will take a long time for them to dry and they will hinder your movement. Therefore, waterproof clothing will be better for you. It is important to know that you should not wear the salopettes on their own because they are a very thin layer. You should have some thermals and some sweatpants underneath. Again, you should not wear jeans underneath because they will restrict your movement.

4. Gloves and Hats – You should definitely pack some thick gloves and some warm hats. You should pick gloves that are thick and waterproof, you should not pack thin cotton gloves because they will not be suitable. You should pick some warm hats with woolen layers and you should make sure that the hat has some ear flaps to keep your ears warm, otherwise you will get ear ache in the cold. Consider a sheep skin material because they are thick and durable.