12 Awesome Benefits of a Skiing Holiday

The decision we make to embark on a skiing holiday is not one to be taken lightly, but it doesn’t have to costs a ton of money, and you don’t have to drag the family halfway across the world to visit some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet.

The perception of half freezing to death and having to lug a mountain of equipment is shattered by the reality of lots of sunshine, wearing the right clothes and being able to rent top-class boots and skis at the resorts is you want to travel light. The sense of satisfaction and achievement that you get from a skiing holiday is second to none and provides a positive outlook on life.

For skiing enthusiasts, there’s nothing more exhilarating than a change of scenery, time away from work and the feeling of freedom from the drudgery of work-life that skiing with nature gives us. Skiing comes with so many health benefits it ticks the ‘great for you’ box in so many ways. One of the things I love about ski holidays is that it is something the whole family can do together, or I can do by myself. And for me, nothing beats a winter ski holiday as an escape away from the drab, wet, windy, dark days and nights in the UK. Summer skiing holidays are just as fun and can physically and mentally prepare me for the winter months ahead.

As someone who likes to try to keep fit, I love the hours and days spent twisting and turning down the sunny, snowy slopes. I know this works most of the major muscle groups to provide an all-over workout, helping me to build strength and stamina. It can take me all week in the gym to achieve the same work out as a day on the slopes provides me with. Not only that but as someone who hates Cardio work in the gym, skiing gets my heart working faster and provides a fun cardio session that I just wouldn’t achieve in the gym. Especially if I combine it with some cross-country skiing and get a bit of walking in.

Skiing improves fitness and stamina. Imagine a month on the slopes: boy, I’d have had muscles like Arnie! Sadly my ski holidays don’t last more than a week. But in that one week, I can become noticeably fitter, healthier and happier, skiing really does tick all of the health boxes. When it comes to working hard and having fun, skiing is one of the best sports you can do.

I have listed some of the health benefits of skiing below to help you decide whether a skiing holiday is for you:

* Boosts mood – boosts overall happiness and well-being includes physical and mental health.

* Encourages social interaction – people naturally socialize as part of the ski experience.

* Promotes deep sleep – engages your entire body leading to a good night’s sleep.

* Promotes healthy eating habits – naturally be more conscious of eating the right fuel, more protein, healthy fats, less sugar, more fruits, and vegetables.

* Skiing improves proprioception – the ability to feel the position of different body parts and their movements.

* Improves Balance and coordination – need to be conscious of slight movements and positions of your body.

* Strengthens bones and joints – strengthens knees and bones become stronger through the weight-bearing impact on the legs.

* Strengthens lower body muscles – works your inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

* Improves flexibility – building flexibility helps to avoid muscle strains and sprains.

* Increases cardiovascular endurance – works the heart and lungs and burns calories aiding weight loss.

* Improves balance and core strength – challenges your balance and agility and helps to build that six-pack.

For me, skiing is one of those activities that anyone of any ability can do and enjoy. Whether you are looking for a new hobby to keep you fit and healthy or are considering taking up a new sport to keep you out of mischief, skiing could be for you.

Whatever your activity or experience level skiing holidays can provide entertainment and fun for everyone.

My Ski Holiday in Val D’Isere – Ski Resort Information

Last season I spent a week skiing in Val d’Isere on a chalet holiday with Powder White. It Included 8 friends, staying in a chalet in the La Laisinant area of Val d’Isere. We had a fantastic time. We arrived on the first evening at 8 o’clock. Val d’Isere was covered in snow! Our chalet host showed us in from the cold and lead us to our home for the week. Inside was a roaring fire and a lovely meal prepared for us and an open bottle of wine! A perfect start to the week! We then got up early and made our way to first lifts! The chalet we were staying at was adjacent from the La Laisinant chair lift and so was ideal in terms of getting to and from the slopes in the morning and in the evening.

We managed to find our ski legs after the first few runs and we were making our way towards Tignes before you knew it. The Epace Killy pass in Val d’Isere allows you to ski all the way from Val d’Isere to Tignes Les Brevieres. This is a huge ski area, one of which you cannot get board of in just one week.

After a hard day on the slopes we return, fatigued to the chalet where a freshly baked cake was waiting for us. That along with a nice vin chaud helped to rejuvenate the tired limbs before the next days adventure.

The next day we were given a lesson by an instructor from New Generation, a team of UK based ski instructors who guided us down some treacherous off piste. He gave us hints and tips for mogul skiing, off piste and even some park tricks. This was well worth it. Particularly as he took us via the Fole Douche, a lively Apres ski bar in Val d’Isere.

The following night was the chalet hosts day off which meant we all went out for a lovely meal to sample some of the superb gastronomic delights that Val d’Isere has to offer. We were not disappointed as we tucked into a well deserved Fondu!

The time we had in Val d’Isere was flawless. The chalet was superb, food excellent, skiing world class and we even came back with a sun tan! All in all and lovely holiday which will be fondly remembered!