Skiing in the Alps – La Tania’s Green Credentials

Whether you’re looking at the buildings, the town centre or the ski chalets, La Tania has, just about everywhere, taken exceptional trouble to ensure that it integrates well with its magnificent natural surroundings.

A tongue-in-cheek comparison

Now we’ve probably all visited certain ski resorts (no names!) in various parts of the world that have all the charm of a bulldozer. Some appear to have been blasted out of the surrounding rocks, and their concrete architectures look as if they had their origin in a 1970s sci-fi movie’s set, with a backdrop of a distant alien penal colony. If you’d prefer to stay somewhere that is a little better integrated into its environment, has some culture, charm and green-oriented ski chalets, La Tania in the French Alps might be the place for you.

From humble origins to enlightened development

The resort is part of the massive “Three Valleys” ski recreation area. It sits at about 1400m altitude between the slightly better-known Courchevel and Meribel resorts. Originally a very modest hamlet, it was perhaps fortunate that it was developed rather later than some other resorts – in fact most of the development took place in the 1980s and it was first officially opened in 1990.

What that means is that by the time it was developed, people understood the need for human-scale and environmentally friendly development and applied those principles to La Tania.

Today it provides only about 4000 beds for the height of the season, meaning that it is more relaxed and crowd-free than many other resorts. Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of the resort, visually, is that the surrounding spruce forests are largely intact. This also means that unlike other local centres, it provides wooded skiing over part of its runs.

In terms of ski chalets, La Tania offers great choice and comfort, as you would expect; however many of the materials used are local and have come from renewable green sources. Their services have also been installed to have a minimal impact on the local surroundings.

The result

La Tania isn’t just a picture postcard resort. It has three runs itself (one each of red, blue and green), superb training facilities and really easy direct ski connection to all the other Three Valleys resorts. It has the great Troika ski lift and training area (well, training and fun!) right in the centre as well. Some other Three Valley resorts may be able to boast more immediately adjacent ski runs, but they will be easily accessible anyway from La Tania. What La Tania offers is close to being unique – a real village feeling surrounded by mountains and some great skiing.

So, if you’re interested in a base that’s a little different and offering some great credentials, while still providing comfortable ski chalets, La Tania is certainly worth a look.

Ski Vacation Tips: Go Green to Prevent Them From Melting

Planning on a ski vacation this year? Why not consider skiing green this time. With Earth getting hotter than usual due to global warming, ski resorts are mostly affected by this change. At present, they are now thinking of ways on how they can help to mitigate the problem.

The good news is, you too can do something to help reduce this problem. There are various ways that you can do to make it happen. You may think that your individual efforts aren't enough to make a difference, but they do! So, here are some eco-friendly tips that you can do to help preserve our environment.

Ride smart for a greener trip

Instead of flying to other places for your ski trip, travel to ski resorts closer to your home. The good thing about this is you can pack other things like a cooler and enjoy your own food, drinks and snacks.

Also, if your friends and coworkers share the same interest as you do, you can carpool with them. But if you insist on flying to other destinations, you can also ask if the resort offers a shuttle service to and from the airport. This will allow you to save on gas instead of renting a car.

Choose greener ski resorts

Resorts are more aware now of the impacts of climate change and are now inclined towards pursuing a greener environment. In order to make greener choices, you may ask questions before you make a reservation. You can ask them questions such as:

What do they recycle?

Do they have a water conservation program?

Are their cleaning products eco-friendly?

Do their machines that help clear trails use bio-fuel?

Do they use wind power for energy needs?

Do they offer a shuttle service to and from the airport?

This will help them realize that their efforts in being an eco-friendly resort, really do matters. Also, compliment them on their efforts and encourage them to continue to maintain an eco-friendly facility.

Cross-country skiing? Why not!

You may also consider cross-country skiing this year. This can be done in many "local" places depending on the snowfall in your area. The good thing is, cross-country skiing burns more calories than resources, compared to downhill skiing.

Respect the environment

Every time tourists flock to ski resorts, it's the environment that suffers due to the irresponsibility of the people. So be responsible with your trash every time you visit any ski resorts. Don't throw your garbage everywhere. Use biodegradable products and reduce the use of plastic bags. Follow proper segregation and as much as possible, recycle.

With these simple tips, you will not only enjoy your ski vacation, you'll also be able to help the planet from further devastation. So think green, go green, and support a greener ski vacation. Let's continue to take care of this planet we call home.