Why Telluride, Colorado?

After living in Breckenridge for 18 years, my wife and I decided to move to Telluride. The main reason was that now we have a child and we wanted to move to a small safe town with a good school district and a kid-friendly atmosphere. Telluride was our first choice for many reason, however, the main reason was the excellent school district empowered by some of the happiest teachers we’ve ever encountered.

My daughter was born in 2008 and as new parents we started exploring the school system in Summit County and we were extremely disappointed by it’s offerings. The director of the gifted program at the time was a very good friend and she gave us an insight on what is happening to the school district in Summit County. My wife and I were shocked to learn that the Summit County school district was not up to par with other nearby school districts. Some of our friends with kids suggested that we have our daughter join a school in Vail, Colorado. Good idea, nevertheless, driving 80 miles round trip five days a week was a huge burden of which we could not fulfill without being out of our comfort zone. Thus, we started exploring Vail as a new home for our family, however, my wife was not happy with the fact that Vail is located directly on I-70 regardless of how great the town is. A very good friend who has moved to Telluride years earlier recommended that we rent a home in Telluride for few months and explore the possibility of us calling Telluride our new home so we did and never felt the need to leave the area since then.

The town of telluride is isolated and truly it is a town located at the end of the highway. Telluride locals have consistently demonstrated that they are some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met. No wonder Telluride as named the friendliest ski town in North America. The first thing we noticed was the speed limit set to 15 miles per hour allowing families and kids to roam the town as if it was an extension of Town Park located at the eastern end of town. It was summer when we moved to Telluride and we were able to explore nearby towns, hiking trails, Ouray’s hot springs and we just fell in love with the town.

As winter approached, we decided to explore a ski school program for our daughter who was 4 years old at the time and had never skied before. We decided to have her join the Telluride Ski Squad program for her to have a fun outdoor activity at least twice a week though out the winter months. Time goes by and our kid is skiing every weekend and then one day we got an invitation to attend a ski birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends, therefore, my wife and I decided to get our ski gear out and join the fun by attending the party and lending a hand and keeping the kids safe on the slopes. We fell in love with Telluride Mountain that day, unlike Summit County and Vail ski resorts, we where shocked to see that there were no lift lines and the number of skiers on the mountain was about 10% of what we are used to. My wife an I stopped skiing in 2004 due to the unpleasant time spent waiting in lift lines and constantly trying to dodge thousands of skiers covering the ski slopes like a moving carpet of death where my wife and I sustained few injuries caused by skiers who like to go fast but don’t really know how to ski.

Skiing Telluride was a reminder of how Breckenridge used to be back in 1994 and we fell in love with the sport all over again. Telluride Ski Resort is unique and best suited for a family ski vacation when compared to any other ski resort in Colorado. It’s truly a hidden treasure tucked in the heart of Colorado’s south-western slopes offering incredible views and safe skiing for all.

3 Steps To Plan the Ultimate Ski Trip in Colorado

Colorado is a mecca for winter sports only if you know where and when to go. If you’re arranging an adventurous trip in, say, Summit County, you must prioritize skiing. If, however, you’re getting cold feet while planning a ski trip in Colorado, trust this write-up to be your bible. Now, without ado, let’s get started.

The 3 steps

Decide your companions on the trip and its length

For making any trip pleasurable, you’d require the company of great comrades and/or family members. Afterward, you’d require setting up the length of the trip too; a trip’s duration will get directly influenced by your travel budget. So if you’ve chalked out your travel budget, you’ll get a handle on the number of days and nights that you’re willing to spend in the mountains.

Save the dates of yours and of all those who’re accompanying you

As an ideal itinerary planner, you shouldn’t be lackadaisical in deciding which days (and dates) of the ski season will suit you and everyone. The best months to ski in Colorado start from mid-October to the first week of July, so ask everyone the month and the dates that suit them the most.

Decide the ski resort where you and all the fellow traversers would like to ski and revel

First things first, choose the size of the ski resort that you wish to go to; whether it’d be a huge one or a smaller one. (Actually, that, too, would depend on your budget.) If you’re having a lavish budget, we’d advise you to select a resort enjoying Copper Mountain’s excellent stature. (For example, if you happen to choose Copper Mountain, we’d advise you to book a seat in a Copper Mountain shuttle in advance; because you shouldn’t leave anything to chance.) And if you’re planning on a shoestring, go for a small-sized resort such as Ski Cooper.

Are there any other points that need to be remembered before selecting a ski resort?

Yes, there are two of the most important points.

Your budget: You’ve to choose only those resorts that fit your budget. If there are any beginners, it’s better to choose a resort that give ski training sessions. (However, such resorts are costlier than the normal ones, so choose accordingly.)

Know the resort’s vertical drop: For those of you who are unaware of the term “vertical drop,” it’s the distance for which your skis will run. Many ski resorts post the vertical drop on their website.

So by following these three tips and by remembering the two points (to select ski resorts), you’ll be able to plan a great ski vacation. Ski happily and safely, Skier.