What Does Ski-in, Ski-out Mean

When you are booking a vacation rental property in a ski resort there is an indisputable magic to the phrase ‘ski-in, ski-out’. It conjures up images of a loving restored log cabin on the edge of an immaculately groomed piste, of watching fellow skiers carve elegant turns from your living room window, with the occasional spray of snow against the window pane. It suggests stepping out of your front door, clicking on your skis and gliding down the slopes to the lift. You may anticipate avoiding the crush of people waiting for a lukewarm and soggy pizza in the mountain restaurant by using your own chalet as … a mountain restaurant. And, perhaps best of all, you may look forward to skiing back to your own front door at the end of the afternoon and forgetting about trudging along paths and the indignity of crowded shuttle buses.

The reality may be very different. Knowing the power of the term ‘ski-in, ski-out’, vacation rental providers are quick to use it to cover a myriad of different arrangements and a range of proximity to the slopes. Here are a few things to watch out for:

1) The ‘ski-in ski-out’ home that is really ‘hiking distance’ to the slopes. The economics of housing development on mountainsides mean that when an area is developed next to the slopes, only some of it is actually next to the slopes. There is almost certain to be a hinterland of properties that have access to the slopes…via pathways, steps, roadways etc. The pathways may be short, or they may not. Make sure you ask exactly how far a particular property is from the actual ski slope, and what the path is actually like: is it a level walkway or a series of dozens of icy steps?

2) The ski-in, ski-out home that is reached via an ungroomed trail through the woods. When these homes were originally built the developers cut a trail to them so that they could be sold as ‘ski-in, ski-out’. However these trails are very often too narrow for a snow-cat to use; furthermore, they are very likely private property and the lift company which grooms the slopes may have no responsibility for them. Only if the owners of properties served by that trail get together and make private arrangements for grooming will you find the trail in good enough condition for safe usage.

3) The ski-in, ski-out home that offers good ski-in, ski-out access…if you’ve chosen one of the 2 weeks of the year when the snow is down to that level. Many resorts that offer ski accommodation are down in the valley, and global warming has led to a raising of the snow line and a decline in the number of weeks that snow is on the ground at given elevations.

4) Finally, there is the nirvana: a ski-in, ski-out home that is what it says it is: situated right on slopes which are snow-covered throughout the season and groomed by the lift company’s snowcats daily. This is what is often now referred to as ‘true ski-in, ski-out’. However, you may find that because this real estate is so scarce it is also very pricey, or alternatively it is developed with rather high-density and charmless accommodation. The Aspens in Whistler is a good example of this. The situation is perfect, right on the slopes, but the accommodation is mostly fairly spartan.

The lesson here is simple. When you are booking ski-in, ski-out accommodation, make sure that you know exactly what you are getting. If you are booking a resort such as Whistler, where there are many gradations of ski-in, ski-out accommodation, consult one of the local property management companies like Holiday Whistler, and question them very closely on its exact location before you book your Whistler ski accommodation.

Skiing in the Alps – La Tania’s Green Credentials

Whether you’re looking at the buildings, the town centre or the ski chalets, La Tania has, just about everywhere, taken exceptional trouble to ensure that it integrates well with its magnificent natural surroundings.

A tongue-in-cheek comparison

Now we’ve probably all visited certain ski resorts (no names!) in various parts of the world that have all the charm of a bulldozer. Some appear to have been blasted out of the surrounding rocks, and their concrete architectures look as if they had their origin in a 1970s sci-fi movie’s set, with a backdrop of a distant alien penal colony. If you’d prefer to stay somewhere that is a little better integrated into its environment, has some culture, charm and green-oriented ski chalets, La Tania in the French Alps might be the place for you.

From humble origins to enlightened development

The resort is part of the massive “Three Valleys” ski recreation area. It sits at about 1400m altitude between the slightly better-known Courchevel and Meribel resorts. Originally a very modest hamlet, it was perhaps fortunate that it was developed rather later than some other resorts – in fact most of the development took place in the 1980s and it was first officially opened in 1990.

What that means is that by the time it was developed, people understood the need for human-scale and environmentally friendly development and applied those principles to La Tania.

Today it provides only about 4000 beds for the height of the season, meaning that it is more relaxed and crowd-free than many other resorts. Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of the resort, visually, is that the surrounding spruce forests are largely intact. This also means that unlike other local centres, it provides wooded skiing over part of its runs.

In terms of ski chalets, La Tania offers great choice and comfort, as you would expect; however many of the materials used are local and have come from renewable green sources. Their services have also been installed to have a minimal impact on the local surroundings.

The result

La Tania isn’t just a picture postcard resort. It has three runs itself (one each of red, blue and green), superb training facilities and really easy direct ski connection to all the other Three Valleys resorts. It has the great Troika ski lift and training area (well, training and fun!) right in the centre as well. Some other Three Valley resorts may be able to boast more immediately adjacent ski runs, but they will be easily accessible anyway from La Tania. What La Tania offers is close to being unique – a real village feeling surrounded by mountains and some great skiing.

So, if you’re interested in a base that’s a little different and offering some great credentials, while still providing comfortable ski chalets, La Tania is certainly worth a look.

Free Online Classifieds for Small Business Growth

Most free online classifieds have several areas for posting a large variety of products, services, events, jobs and even personals. However, if you are a small business owner who has not taken advantage of the marketing ability that these free online classified ad sites can provide you may want to take a closer look. Even the cheapest marketing may not be an affordable option for some, but here are these free sites that are sitting idly by waiting for you to come and drop off your ad, along with your contact information and your web site link.

How Can Free Online Classifieds Help My Small Business?

Many ways.

First and foremost, if your business involves advertising a product or service, than putting your advertisements in as many places as possible can never hurt. As long as you do not spam your classified ad a ridiculous amount, or create hard to read, chaotic or confusing ads, most of the free online classifieds sites will approve your postings as long as you follow the recommended guidelines.
Second and just as important to some business owners, does your product or niche have targeted areas? If you are in the vacation home rental business, you may get a boost in advertising if you utilize the free online classifieds to post in beach resort areas. If your business is selling snow board equipment, targeting areas that have frequent snow or ski resorts can mean a huge boost in your sites visibility as well as sales for your business.

Are There Any Other Benefits to Posting on Classified Ad Sites?

A resounding "Yes!" is the answer. Some small business owners are paying some pretty high fees to get what free online classifieds ad postings can do for a website or business. The fact is, each classified ads site that offers to let you post your ad, a link to your business, and contact information is also giving you a free back link on the World Wide Web. Since most of these sites allow you to post ads that can stay up for months or even years, these ads will also eventually be indexed by the search engine crawlers.

So be sure to utilize any possible search engine optimization techniques in the free online classifieds you post as well. Remember to rename any logos or pictures you are allowed to upload to reflect the nature of the product or services your ad is selling. And that is just one more way that free online classifieds can be beneficial to the growth of your small business.

Isola 2000 – The New Ski Resort For the Family

The location is accessible and the whole family can drive from Nice to reach Isola 2000 in less than two hours. Upon arrival a family will find that there are more than enough facilities for skiing, snowboarding, ice go-karting, snowmobiling, and other winter activities.

The new ski resort of Isola 2000 is relaxing because of two major reasons, the natural setting and the après ski. The serene mood of the Mercantour National Park permeates around the whole resort while the nearby small town of Isola provides a picturesque background. The family can spend countless hours tracing the footpaths of the park. Then, about 10,5 miles from the new ski resort, the family can take a short trip to visit a genuine French mountain village.

The après ski in the new ski resort of Isola 2000 is not at a fevered pitch at night. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxing. The nightlife, which is buoyed up by several bars, cruises at a low key. This does not mean that skiers stay cuddled underneath the bedcovers at night. In fact, the two most popular bars, the Le Cow Club and the Le Petit Chamois, can be quite crowded during the peak season. For those who wanted more excitement but are staying in this new ski resort, there are cars for hire that can be used to reach the busy towns of Monte Carlo and Riviera.

During the day, the new ski resort of Isola 2000 is fun and exciting because of the skiing terrain. There are 43 individual pistes in which the majority of it caters to intermediate skiers. There are several black runs for expert skiers. These skiers will enjoy skiing above and below the tree line. And there are ski runs for beginners and for parents who are teaching their children to ski. Of course, when the parents prefer to have their children instructed by professionals, there are available skiing schools. The new ski resort also provides day care services to help the parents.

All levels of skiers will be pleased to know that snow in the new ski resort of Isola 2000 is more than adequate. The area is benefitted by its elevation and its proximity to the sea. This proximity is the reason why the region is referred to as the Alpes Maritimes. The spectacular view of the Maritime Alps invites all visitors to take a break from their skiing adventures. Viewing the horizons is best done while eating in any of the excellent restaurants, such as the Le Rendez-vous, the La Raclette, the Le Crocodile, and the La Marmotte.

Aside from daytime skiing, the new ski resort of Isola also offers the opportunity for night skiing. There are also moonlight snowshoe walks. However, the new ski resort of Isola 2000 is open only from December until April. It is indeed a relatively new ski resort and not yet commercialized enough to accommodate summer holidays. The time that visitors can spend skiing in this region is limited only during the winter months.