What Is Man-Made Snow?

There are different kinds of man-made snows. First, there is the fake snow, that looks and feels like snow but is not formed the same way that snow is formed. The second is the kind of snow which is made under the same conditions as real snow is made in, but requires human initiative to be made. The first kind of snow is widely used in areas where the formation of snow is either unviable because of the climate of the place, or because of the weather conditions prevailing at a time when the snow is required. The second kind of snow is used to augment the amount of snow produced. Here is an article about the various uses of man-made snow.

The most common and cheapest form of man-made snow is the fake snow. They are widely used by children and adults, not for an authentic snowy experience, but only for fun. They are available like spray paints in cans. This form of man-made snow is called fake snow because it is synthetic in nature. It is not frozen water droplets, but a concoction of chemicals that form a dry foam-like substance or emulsion. They look like snow, and hence are called fake snow. You may have experienced them yourselves in parties or science projects. Children can also make their own fake snow with ease. You just have to look at YouTube videos. The materials required are not hard to find, and the fake snow to be made is not hard to make. This is the reason that it is so cheap.

Another form of man-made snow is that which is not synthetically produced. It is real snow, the wet, frozen water droplets. Except, it isn’t formed in the atmosphere, but inside a machine. The basic inputs are energy and water. Electrical energy is required to recreate the conditions required for the formation of snow- the right temperature and humidity. Such snow is used in ski-resorts to augment the snow-cover. The environment in ski-resorts is maintained by using snow-making machines. Without them, ski-resorts are bound to remain closed when snowfall is inadequate. If you are at a ski-resort, out of curiosity, you can look out for snow outlets. They may be installed inconspicuously most of the times. But you will find it if you are looking for it. While those machines used in ski-resorts are very expensive, considering that they construct snow-making plants, there are also smaller snow making machines that can be used at home. The water supply can come from a hose pipe, while generators can be used for the electricity requirement. Even though they are more expensive than fake snow, they are real. So even if you have to pay a greater price for them, it may still be worth it. It is not impossible now to build a snow man in your backyard if you live in Florida or San Francisco. It is not impossible to have a snowy Christmas in Las Vegas. Man’s ideas have made it possible to recreate mother nature’s phenomena. Though this is not recommended by environmentalists, you can try it once in a while, or actually visit a cold, freezing place for the overall experience, instead of the instant gratification you receive otherwise.