Adventure Awaits On a School Ski Trip To Mallnitz

Organising a school ski trip offers multiple rewards, from letting students broaden their cultural horizons to putting their skills and stamina to the test – not to mention having a great time with their classmates in an inspiring new setting. Europe has numerous ski resorts to choose from, and the best ones for school groups combine great routes and modern facilities with friendly and visually appealing surroundings. Mallnitz offers all of the above, with a good amount of variety in difficulty levels – making it ideal for groups of mixed experience and ability. A state of the art lift system, bus links to the nearby Molltal glacier skiing area, and a full range of student-friendly apr├Ęs ski activities makes this one of Austria’s best resorts for school groups. Read on to find out more.

Introducing Mallnitz

Nestled in a valley in the picturesque Hohe Tauern mountains in the Austrian region of Carinthia, the village of Mallnitz is a highly appealing school ski trip destination, surrounded by sublime natural beauty. The area has a long history, thanks to its location on age-old mountain trade paths, which were later incorporated into the Roman Road, and continued to be a key trade and transport route well into the middle ages. Today, the area is part of the Hohe Tauern National Park, the largest such park in Austria – not to mention the most extensive nature reserve in all of the Alps. Key parts of the park are protected from human activity, but even the populated areas and ski routes are graced with extremely beautiful evergreen plants.

Skiing in Mallnitz

When it comes to the primary activity of a school ski trip – skiing – Mallnitz is a gem of a resort. Students will primarily find themselves skiing on the 2,800 metre high Angkogel Mountain, which offers progressively more challenging runs the higher up they go. A key feature of the resort is its suitability for a variety of levels: beginners will find a gentle range of slopes at the mid-point of the mountain, while intermediate skiers can proceed to the top, where they will be treated to the pick of all the mountain’s routes. Additionally, students will have access to the stunning Molltal Glacier and its superb pistes.

Non-Skiing activities

Mallnitz is has plenty to offer school ski trip groups off the slopes as well as on them, and your students will be spoiled for choice when it comes to opportunities for unwinding after a successful day’s skiing. There is a good range of student-friendly evening activities, including karaoke and disco nights, and a choice of shops and cafes for them to investigate. Swimming is an excellent way to relax the muscles after skiing, and Mallnitz provides with the Taurnbad pool, one of the region’s best.

Winter Sports and Ski Chalet Vacations

For a lot of people their idea of an ideal escape is normally looking ahead to the summer months and then flocking to the beaches and resorts to spend a week or two taking in the hot sunshine. But for others, their concept of the perfect trip is a vacation in much cooler climates. For this reason some of us journey around the globe to seek winter anywhere it can be located.

One place where winter sports enthusiasts can find ideal skiing environments during our summer season is New Zealand, when their winter weather is in June, July and August the same as our summer time. Through New Zealand’s winter, the tourists go away, leaving the fantastic mountain scenery virtually deserted.

But, should you not have the time or the funds to go half-way around the world to ski, short skiing trips nearer to home are getting to be increasingly popular. This is perfect for those who are not able to afford to enjoy lengthy winter holidays, but still wish to use their leisure time skiing. With the help of advance planning together with a little shopping around, it is easy to get a hold of reasonably priced packages for extremely good skiing weekend break vacation spots. Short ski vacations offer skiing enthusiasts a super chance to have a weekend break doing what they love most.

When you plan a longer ski chalet vacation, you need to reserve your resort ahead of time to ensure that you’ll find a good location that falls within your spending budget. Finding a superb but economical ski chalet vacation is simply dependent on making the best choices. However, it really is crucial that you do your research to identify a nice ski location. Considering the growing popularity of ski chalet holidays, ending up with your ideal one really should not be too difficult.

The great thing about ski chalet vacations is the fact that you don’t need to worry about cleaning and food preparation. The reason being that this stuff is already looked after for you. Traditionally, your ski chalet managers will see to the preparation of the guests meals. The staff will also be a great resource to get tips for finding excellent skiing spots. Remember, ski chalet tourists can be certain to make the most of their winter trip by allowing themselves to enjoy their skiing time to the fullest.

Spring Break Destinations Ideas – Sunny Beaches, Big Cities, and Ski Trips

It’s finally spring time again. When it comes to spring break destinations, Americans have always loved fun, sunny beach vacations. While beaches will always be popular, there are still a few other types of vacations that are appealing to spring break goers these days. Where are you planning to go? Are you trying to narrow down your list?

Here are a few ideas:

• Cancun – This really isn’t a surprise. Cancun is usually #1 on most lists. With its turquoise waters and pristine beaches, it’s no wonder why so many people flock to this Mexican destination every year. Airfare is usually cheap and there is no shortage of resorts offering discount rates. Hotels, restaurants, and bars really cater to spring breakers and party-goers.

• Miami – Those without passports can still enjoy similar weather in South Beach. You can relax under the sun during the day and party at night when the skyline neon-lights come on. The city has always been known for its reputation as a “nightlife haven”. Not only are there tons of resorts and hotels along South Beach, there are also many apartment and condo rental options.

• Jamaica – You get a few popular spring break destinations in this Caribbean island: Montego Bay, Negril, Kingston, and Ocho Rios. Jamaica isn’t all sand and water, either – there are rainforests and mountains. Head to Negril if you want to do some diving or snorkeling. In Montego Bay, there are many infamous all-inclusive resorts and British-colonial architecture. Kingston, the capital city, is notorious for reggae and the Bob Marley Museum.

• Las Vegas – If you’re not looking for a beach vacation this year, then head to Vegas. Just go on a road trip to Sin City or take advantage of discount airfare. There are plenty of things to do on a budget. Vegas is much more than just a city filled with casinos. The live entertainment is second to none.

• New Orleans – Interested in spring break destinations that offer a cultural experience? Just go down South to NOLA. It’s not just popular during Mardi gras season, it’s popular for spring break as well. This is a city that prides itself on culture and tradition, and you can experience everything it has to offer, from Creole food to ghost tours.

• Park City – Not everyone associated “spring break” with “ski resorts”, but if there is one destination that offers spring break goers a good time, it’s Park City, Utah. It’s especially appealing to families who want to spend spring break together. It’s not all about skiing either; there are plenty of other fun activities as well.

Final Remarks

Go to any of these spring break destinations and you’re sure to have a good time!

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The Rise of Local Ski Makers

The world of downhill skiing has seen massive changes in the past 10 years. With the advent of wider and stiffer skis has come a whole new market that focuses not only on technological advances but also the type and location of the snow. Enter the local ski makers.

Local producers of skis are having a huge impact on the ski industry and are changing the way that consumers view skis and the way they use them. Now, manufacturers have unprecedented access to local conditions and terrain, as well as, the pursuits that hometown skiers are after. These small companies can provide boutique products that are highly focused for the local market and give consumers a distinctive choice when it comes to equipment.

Local ski makers are taking the technology that previously was only available to large companies and applying it to small production runs that encompass the needs of the local rider. Your home hill is steep and gets annual snow fall in the hundreds of inches with little moisture density? There’s a ski maker for that. You’re a park rider who’s after that perfect pop and swing weight for park and pipe? There’s a maker for that.

Take for example Seneca skis out of Bozeman, MT. This young company has helped drive a new market in this ski town by providing skis that are made specifically for the hometown ski resort, Bridger Bowl. Bridger Bowl is located in the northern Rockies, receives massive amounts of arid snow, contains expert terrain, and provides access to the side country outside of it’s boundaries. Now when considering new equipments skiers can find equipment that has been created with them and their hometown hill in mind from a local source. This hyper-localized product was considered unobtainable even 5 years ago but in today’s market with available technology these products are no longer a pipe dream.

The local ski maker is the newest movement in an industry that continues to evolve and change. But the rise in available technology has provided an unparalleled competitive edge to small boutique producers who represent not only the local terrain and conditions but who are also an integral part of the local economy. Local producers are engrained their particular markets by taking part in community ski efforts and education, sponsoring events and creating a market for other regional producers. From bindings and poles to soft goods and boards local makers are creating a whole new movement in the ski industry that is driving a revolution.